NIST using valve technology developed by VAT

Haag/Gaithersburg - The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA is using Swiss-made technology as part of a newly develop quantum-based vacuum gauge. All-metal vacuum valves from VAT are installed in the device.
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Baumer steps up investment in solar energy

Frauenfeld - Baumer is taking measures to expand the use of photovoltaic systems at its Frauenfeld headquarters. The company is set to install more than 800 modules with a nominal output of 340 kilowatts peak. Together with the new Innovation Center, this will produce a total output of 305,000 kilowatt hours per year.
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Researchers at Kantonsspital St.Gallen find new approach for brain tumors

St.Gallen - An international team of scientists led by Kantonsspital St.Gallen have developed new research approaches to combat malignant brain tumors. Bacterial peptides could play an important role in oncology.
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Graphic Packaging wins WorldStar Award 2023

St.Gallen/Kirchberg - The St.Gallen-based company Graphic Packaging International (GPI Swiss) has won a Worldstar Global Packaging Award 2023. It was presented in the medical and pharmaceutical category for a test kit from LockCon, another company located in the canton of St.Gallen.
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Helisul buys Jedsy drones for up to $26 million

Berneck/Curitiba - Brazilian company Helisul Aviação is seeking to establish itself as a leading provider of drone delivery services in Brazil, with the help of gliders and docking stations produced by St.Gallen-based company Jedsy. It is planning to purchase more than 500 Jedsy drones for $26 million.
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Eastern Switzerland strives for a circular economy

St.Gallen - The circular economy platform Wirtschaften in Kreisläufen is helping SMEs in Eastern Switzerland make their business models circular. Launched by the Innovation Network Eastern Switzerland (INOS), the platform is supported by the association
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Brauerei Locher launches new craft beer range

Appenzell - Brauerei Locher is bringing a special edition craft beer to market. Locher Craft includes seven artisanal beers brewed in small quantities. They will be available to gastronomy and beverage retail.
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PIT Solutions digitizes the tattoo industry

Rapperswil-Jona/Dübendorf - PIT Solutions has developed a digital application for tattoo studios and their clients. The app can be used by interested persons to directly contact a studio or freelance artist and find the desired solution.
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OST involved in three new labs in the Lake Constance region

Rapperswil-Jona - This quarter, operations are set to commence at three cross-border labs based in the Lake Constance region that covers four countries overall. With the participation of OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, the labs will focus on developing and implementing solutions in the fields of mobility, the circular economy and sustainable digitization.
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