Fabelix from Unxos creates stories for children

St.Gallen - The software firm Unxos has developed an app for children. With Fabelix, individual stories can be created using Artificial Intelligence, which open up new ways of learning.
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Molkerei Forster and Lidl introduce self-separating yoghurt pots

Diepoldsau/Herisau/Weinfelden - The dairy Molkerei Forster is now packaging its yoghurt for Lidl's proprietary brand Milbona in innovative three-component cups developed by Greiner Packaging. The cups feature cardboard and plastic that self-separate during the recycling process.
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Researchers develop antimicrobial textiles

St.Gallen/Spiez - Researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Spiez Laboratory in the canton of Bern, the chemical company BASF and the Technical University of Berlin have developed textiles with antimicrobial properties. The innovation could be used for antimicrobial curtains in hospitals.
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Site found for new Rorschach outpatient clinic

St.Gallen/Rorschach - A new site has been found for the Rorschach outpatient clinic, from which outpatient healthcare services in the Neuseeland/Rorschacherberg district will be coordinated. From the end of 2024, the new site will offer a comprehensive range of medical services.
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