A Location for Advanced Technology and Research

Switzerland’s St.GallenBodenseeArea offers companies the best economic framework for business success. To wit, in the Global Competitiveness Index, our country has been named the world’s most competitive country seven consecutive times. Key criteria for the ranking are: 

  • best quality infrastructure (transportation, telecommunications, utilities)
  • highest innovative ability
  • best cooperation between employers and employees
  • most developed production and manufacturing processes
  • most advanced and affordable financial services
  • highest availability of talent
  • outstanding opportunities for education and training
  • best business schools
  • highest availability of R&D services

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A Highly Productive Business Area

With a market reach of 15 million people and a GDP of more than 800 billion Swiss Francs, the St.GallenBodenseeArea finds itself at the center of a highly productive business region in the triangle of the neighboring countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (the DACH region).

A Location for Advanced Technology and Research