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Thanks to our network partners, we have access to proven experts for all questions regarding the settlement of companies. Take this opportunity and contact us that we can connect you with our partners.

If you yourself are active in one of the business areas listed below and would like to become a network partner, please contact Daniel Müller directly.

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TFP Treuhand AG Appenzell

TFP Treuhand AG Appenzell

Our company is a successfully established provider of mainly accounting, tax consulting, auditing and corporate administration services since more than 30 years. Our customers are primarily small and middle sized companies with regional, national and/or international fields of activity. For you as our customer, we are happy to use our broad network of contacts, which has grown thanks to successful relations over many years. Our 28 employees dispose of high professional expertise and it is our highest goal to constantly enhance it. The size of our company allows us to disperse the professional expertise among several people, whilst we are small enough to ensure that our services and the exchange between our specialists can be provided in an efficient manner.