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Thanks to our network partners, we have access to proven experts for all questions regarding the settlement of companies. Take this opportunity and contact us that we can connect you with our partners.

If you yourself are active in one of the business areas listed below and would like to become a network partner, please contact Daniel Müller directly.

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We are one of the largest law firm in the Eastern part of Switzerland. A team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers is ready to advise our national and international clients. We set up problem-solving proposals for individuals and corporations alike, with relation to nearly every aspect of law, primarily in economic legal matters. As public notaries we are able to execute deeds requiring public notarization. We represent our clients in any confrontation with public authorities or courts at any level, be it community, cantonal or federal. Our partners acts as members of various Boards of Directors or Trustees and accept the duties of a directorship.