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 IPS Irsch

IPS Irsch

IPS Irsch is an IP firm with an international focus. It is one of the leading providers of intellectual property services in the German speaking eastern part of Switzerland. Our team of skilled patent attorneys has members with a technical background and represents an international client base before the Swiss and European patent offices as well as before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Geneva. The firm provides advice in all areas of intellectual property with regard to the preparation, prosecution, management, defense and enforcement of rights in patents, designs and trademarks. This advice is not only available for the Swiss market, but also worldwide through our close network of associates. We also directly monitor competitors' IP rights and carry out trademark searches; our services also include searches to clarify patentability, to prepare third party observations, oppositions, nullity suits etc. Furthermore, we also carry out freedom-to-operate searches to identify possible obstacles which may stand in the way of new developments of our clients prior to the market launch of a new product.