Startfeld and Startnetzwerk Thurgau promote together

St.Gallen/Weinfelden – The innovation network Startfeld from St.Gallen and the Startnetzwerk Thurgau are working together to promote the startup Evenlox. This will be launching a platform for event venues and services in the summer.

Startfeld reports in a press release that supporting Evenlox is the first time it has joined forces with the Startnetzwerk Thurgau to promote a startup. The founders of Evenlox, Kevin Giacom and Vitaly Polisky, plan to launch their platform which presents event venues this summer. Services that might be required for events will also be added to the offering at a later date.

Kevin Giacom is an alumni of the University of St.Gallen, though Evenlox is based in the canton of Thurgau. “While Thurgau is home for Kevin, he still has close ties to St.Gallen, having studied at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). This is one of the reasons why Evenlox has been assigned a project sponsor by Startfeld, though the services relate to the canton of Thurgau,” commented Lorenz Ineichen, Project Manager at Startfeld.

In collaboration with Tiziana Ferigutti, Managing Director of the Startnetzwerk Thurgau, the Startfeld expert committee decided to award the big support package to Evenlox. This includes a cheque book for services worth 1,500 Swiss francs, a Startfeld project sponsor and coaching hours from experienced entrepreneurs, an article on startupticker.ch revealed. Synergies are therefore being exploited to support the startup, said Tiziana Ferigutti: “This again shows that effective collaboration must be based on a close exchange between partners.”