St.Gallen company awarded US patent

St.Gallen – Meteomatics, a meteorological software developer, has been granted a US patent for its drone safety system. It minimises the danger for objects and human beings on the ground in the event of losing control of a drone.

The St.Gallen-based company Meteomatics has developed an emergency system for weather drones. According to a company statement, it was designed as an innovative alternative to known safety systems such as parachutes. The maintenance-free system stabilises the position of the drone in space in the event of losing control of a drone, while also reducing the fall and crash velocity of the drone through a rotation that generates a dynamic lift.

“The multiple utilisation of a component part, for example the passive lift elements, offers the advantage of saving weight, which is essential for our operational service with the Meteodrones. Additionally, this new system will further reduce maintenance costs,” said CEO Martin Fengler.

The Meteodrone was developed to close data gaps in existing weather models. It enables highly accurate measurements of weather parameters in the boundary level and collects information on phenomena like fog, freezing rain and thunderstorms.