St.Gallen’s eMonitor attracts new investors

St.Gallen – A first funding round has been successfully concluded by eMonitor AG. The company has developed software that digitalizes the rental housing process and now intends to grow.

Proptech eMonitor has developed software for landlords of newbuild projects, cities, housing cooperatives and property investors. This solution digitalizes various aspects of the rental process, including apartment handovers and the selection of future tenants. The software also offers all the necessary data and presents this in a comprehensible way. With this solution, the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea has now impressed new investors and successfully concluded a first funding round, as was reported in a press release.

As a result, eMonitor raised 1.06 million Swiss francs. New investors include the Startfeld Foundation from St.Gallen, Alpana Ventures SA and Platanus Holding AG. “Following the successful completion of this funding round, we are now planning our further expansion into German-speaking countries this year as well as the development of core business in Switzerland,” comments co-founder Daniel Baur in the press release. “From late summer, we will be able to offer our German customers the complete spectrum of the software, so they can enjoy the many benefits of digital rental processes and data visualization in real time.” Alongside the city of Zurich’s property administration, Munich’s municipal utilities are customers of eMonitor.

After the funding round, eMonitor AG also welcomed some new members to its Board of Directors, namely Stefan Helsing, COO of dental company Coltène in Altstätten SG, and Alexander Fries from Alpana Ventures, who says: “Switzerland has a strong proptech ecosystem and eMonitor is one of the leading companies in the sector.” Furthermore, Alpana Ventures plans to support the U.S. market entry of eMonitor “in a few years”.