HSG invests in digital learning

St.Gallen – The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is building a new learning center. Now, the HSG Foundation has been granted the building right for the HSG Learning Center. The aim is create space for learning in the digital age. Sustainability is a key part of the build.

The planning application for the new HSG Learning Center was submitted in early 2019. Following the HSG Foundation’s receipt of the building right by the City of St.Gallen, an “important milestone” for the implementation of Sou Fujimoto’s architectural project has now been reached, announced a statement. The groundbreaking ceremony is expected to take place in November this year. 

“Logical thinking and problem-solving, social and emotional competencies, cooperation and creativity” will be at the core of the HSG Learning Center. The HSG Foundation is realizing the HSG Learning Center next to the Library Building. With 500 to 700 learning and working stations, it will create additional space “for learning in the digital age”.

The HSG Foundation is funding the building completely through donations. It is budgeting 40 to 50 million Swiss francs for the construction and the interior of the HSG Learning Center, and another 10 million francs for the operation of the building in subsequent years. Of the 60-million-franc overall sum, a total of 50 million francs has already been donated. 

With a floor space of about 7,000 metres squared, the structure consists of several cubes arranged on a grid to account for the fact that the surrounding area on Guisanstrasse “consists of small residential units”. It is also in keeping with the didactic requirements. Thanks to its efficient energy concept, the sustainability of its design and the materials used, and a smart use of water, the HSG Learning Center satisfies the requirements of the Minergie standard, according to the university’s statement.