Breitenmoser named winner of employer award

Appenzell - Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten AG has been named as the best Swiss employer of companies with between 50 and 99 employees. The Swiss Employer Awards are presented by the consultancy firm iCommit.

The consultancy firm iCommit has presented the Swiss Employer Awards 2020 in various categories that respectively reflect the size of the recognized companies. In the category for medium-sized companies with 50 to 99 employees, Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten AG achieved first place. Alongside a family environment, the training and further training options in addition to the future prospects offered by the firm based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea were highlighted.

Employee questionnaires were used in determining the winning companies. In this context, Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten also thanked its own employees as part of a company press release for their “huge commitment” and “tireless efforts”. In addition, Barbara Ehrbar-Sutter, CEO of Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten AG, commented in a press release issued by the Swiss Meat Industry Association (SFF): “This award fills me with great joy and pride, because this is a joint effort to which each and every one of our employees has contributed through their huge commitment and identification with the company. "

In 2007, Ehrbar-Sutter took over company, which was originally founded in 1896. The company’s production processes combine traditional recipes with modern methods. The headquarters of Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten AG are located in Appenzell in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, but the company also operates branches in Gais and Teufen in the canton of canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden as well as in Rorschacherberg and Steinegg in the canton of St.Gallen. “In recent years, we have repeatedly underlined the high quality and excellent opportunities for progression offered by jobs available within in our industry”, comments Ivo Bischofberger, President of the SFF, before adding: “With Breitenmoser Fleischspezialitäten AG being recognized as one of the best Swiss employers, there is now clear proof that there are concrete actions behind these words and that our sector also represents an industry of the future with regard to career prospects”.