Battery startup gains new investors

Teufen AR – High Performance Battery Technology has successfully attracted new investors. The startup is developing solid-state batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

The venture capital firm Mountain Partners and its founder Cornelius Boersch will be supporting High Performance Battery Technology both financially and strategically in future, as was reported in an article on startupticker.ch. The startup from the St.GallenBodenseeArea is developing a solid-state battery based on inorganic liquid electrolytes. By contrast, electrolytes are organic in lithium-ion batteries. There are reportedly various advantages to the technology being applied by High Performance Battery Holding, which writes on its website that it is “non-flammable, deep-discharge resistant, durable” and more cost-effective as a result. It also boasts a “significantly better environmental impact than conventional lithium-ion batteries”, improving performance by 50 percent.

Under the guidance of its CEO, the physicist Günther Hambitzer, the company wants to exploit new opportunities to raise the profile of this technology in cooperation with Mountain Partners. “This generation of new batteries has the potential to be the next major revolution on the global energy market,” said investor Cornelius Boersch in the startupticker.ch article. “Durable, stable and economical battery technologies are essential if we want to successfully master the energy transition in the long term.” Both partners will be working on advancing the licensing side of the business.